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Why do we automate?

Watch this video!

We automate processes in the Maritime and Intermodal Terminal Industry. That is clear. But when we need to explain what do we do exactly, it takes effort to write everything in the same sentence. This is the reason why we have created a simple video for you to understand it very quickly:



You will find key reasons that will make your Terminal obtain an immediate return of the investment.


We focus here on 3 elements that we follow with the aim to identify them during their journey around the terminal: containers, vehicles and drivers.


You will see the areas of the Terminal in which we can develop automation projects.


Yes, we can create specific solutions. We are engineers! Watch carefully our Vehicle Booking System software, now working in production in DCT Gdansk


How we can design and implement a Gate Access with NO KIOKS and ZERO PAPER.



We have been using Artificial Intelligence for years in our CCR Systems, for instance GateCCR or CraneCCR, and we are using Big Data techniques to obtain precise information related to maintenance and efficiency in real time from more than 160 units of yard equipment (including STSs, RTGs, Reach Stackers, Forklifts and Internal Trucks) in Noatum Terminal Valencia. If you have the time to read how do we apply them in our products and projects, we hope these buzzwords sound now more familiar to you.



Now that you know what we are able to do for your Terminal,

you just need to call us and tell us about your project!