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Yard Crane TLA

Truck Lifting Avoidance

This system helps to prevent trailer lifting, an action that usually occurs when any twistlock is engaged or not opened before the RTG/RMG starts its operation. As a way to avoid that the truck is lifted, and consequently damaged with possible injuries also for personnel, this system permits to detect very precisely and fast that the truck is being lifted.

Prevention at the RTG/RMG

The system notifies any event to the he RTG/RMG operator. Therefore, the lifting can be prevented.

Laser scanners, positioned on the gantry crane, are able to detect lifting even when only one twistlock is locked.

Features and benefits

  • Easy solution for a safe container movement, avoiding unexpected lift movements.
  • Adaptable to any container size.
  • Damage prevention for containers, trucks and personnel involved in the operation.

Technical Characteristics

  • Laser scanners.
  • High distance coverage
  • Crane operator display in control panel.