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Yard Crane OCA

Obstacle Collision Avoidance

Orbita RMG/RTG Collision Avoidance system involves using laser scanners for prevention of impacts between RTGs or RMGs and obstacles in their moving path. In order to provide maximum security, the RTG/RMG will decrease its speed or stop moving when any unexpected object is detected within the detection system operational range.

Prevention at the RTG/RMG

The RTG/RMG operator receives notifications about the system status and any alarm or event is shown at the control panel.

The laser scanners, provide a high diagnostic coverage during the drive of the crane. The system is highly flexible and easily integrated with a variety of RTG/RMG control systems.

Features and benefits

  • Ensured security for terminal machinery equipment.
  • Avoids crane to crane and crane to obstacle collisions.
  • Decreases accidents and reparation costs.