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Rail OS

Remote control with TOS integration

Orbita RailOS software efficiently provides a single interface for control and exception handling of Orbita’s RailSuite products.

Train container identification

As part of RailSuite, RailOS can integrate RailCCR software as required, in a single centralised interface.

Furthermore, a remote Control Center can integrate RailOS, GateOS and CraneOS in order to centralise all terminal accesses operations, either at the gate, quay or train. In this way system monitoring can be managed by the same personnel.

RailOS displays relevant information such as the recognised and processed container code, the train car identification and events and incidences within the same interface. All these data are shared with the Terminal Operating System (TOS) so that a clerk can interact and manage exceptions in real time.

Features and benefits

  • Real time rail accesses control
  • Complete monitoring of real time process and events management.
  • Full TOS integration via XML, WebServices and other standard protocols
  • A remote Control Center can be created by integrating GateOS, CraneOS and RailOS.

Technical Characteristics

  • Works with the most common databases, including SQL Server, Oracle and DB2
  • Supports various communication protocols, including TCP/IP, OPC, FTP and WebServices
  • Built on .NET Framework 4 software development platform