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Rail CCR

Automatic container recognition for a complete rail access tracking

Container accesses by rail can be added to Orbita Ports&Terminals systems for a complete tracking and traceability of containers inside a port or terminal.

Train container identification

Orbita RailCCR operates while a train passes through a rail area at the entrance or exit points. The system is able to provide all the access required data such as container identification, exact time and date of a container passing by the OCR portal as well as its position. All these information is sent to the Terminal Operating System (TOS) via XML interfaces, WebServices or any other usual communications protocol. This automated procedure will allow a controlled authorization to access the terminal.

As the train passes by the identification portal, the system automatically stores images and videos at the same time it detects and processes container codes and the container position within a convoy.

Different mechanical architectures are available to adapt them to several rail configurations.


  • Container movement by train in ports, marine and rail terminals
  • Border crossings and customs gates
  • Access to logistics parks

Features and benefits

  • Automatic capture of container ISO codes
  • High resolution still images of containers and videos of containers in transit for inspection and damage control management
  • Integrates with TOS software through XML interface and other standard protocols
  • Integrates with other Orbita modules for a complete automation solution
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards for use in demanding maritime conditions
  • Use LED lighting and PoE power supply for reduced energy consumption, more efficient cabling and easier maintenance
  • Historical analysis and diagnosis tools for simpler and more effective maintenance

Technical Characteristics

  • Container code recognition according to International Standard ISO 634 6, including check digit
  • Recognises all standard container types (20, 40 and 45ft, twin 20ft)
  • Captures images of all visible sides of the container
  • Fast response and reading times
  • Captures all information with the train in motion
  • Image and video storage with adjustable compression
  • Low consumption LED lighting and PoE power supply to minimise energy consumption
  • PoE power supply reduces cables and installation maintenance
  • Software incorporates online historical analysis and diagnosis tools for simple and easy maintenance