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Rail Suite

RailSuite products provide relevant data regarding containers being transported by train inside ports or terminals facilities

Rail CCR

Orbita RailCCR identifies containers as they enter or exit port facilities by train. The system acquires and shows in real time OCR identification for ISO containers as well as their position. Additionally it is also possible to capture still images and videos to be later checked as a manual damage control inspection. All access data is displayed to allow its validation.

Rail OS

Orbita RailOS software application interface integrates RailSuite components, such as OCR container identification, as they are required by the client. RailOS can be managed from a remote location that centralises information and allows to monitor and manage events and incidences.
The data acquired is displayed in an easy-to-use interface. A view containing the multiple locations or rails that can be inspected is displayed at a first glance. Container codes, events panel and also TOS integration communication are controlled and managed from a single application for a flexible and smooth process flow.