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Gate Weighing

Cargo weight data integration in Gate Operating Systems

Orbita Weighing Scales System is an additional software that allows a straightforward integration of cargo weight data within the Gate Operating System.

Total gate control

The weight is sent automatically to the TOS together with other real time access information, such as truck license plate, container code, driver identification, work orders and so forth. Since IMO SOLAS weighing regulation was enforced 1st July 2016, it is necessary to ensure containers are weighed correctly.

For that purpose, terminals and ports accesses have become the natural location to calculate and verify the container weight status from the entry to the exit of a truck journey inside the terminal. As part of the automation in gates, weighing scales are considered as an additional lane element providing a result that needs to be registered automatically.

The main goal is to achieve a complete traceability of such as an important information as cargo weight being handled within the facilities.

Features & Benefits

  • The system can integrate with most of the industrial weighing scales.
  • Allows the integration with several communication standard interfaces, such as Ethernet, RS232, etc.
  • The software includes communication protocols that provide a robust, steady and reliable integration.
  • Fully integrated with the truck weighing scales, including exception handling, diagnosis or maintenance tasks.
  • Improved safety in container handling works, since the system detects any overweigh and avoids carrier accidents due to overloading