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Gate ECI 3D

Container integrity and security automated

Orbita Empty Container Inspection is a new solution for the automatic identification of objects inside a container. The product consists of a 3D scanning device mounted in a mechanical positioning system. After opening the doors of the container, the device positions itself automatically and scans the interior of the container.

Total gate control


Orbita’s software processes the data in real time and is able to provide information regarding the conditions inside the container, whether there are objects in it or the interior dimensions have been altered.

Real-time data and images are sent to a Gate Operating System such as Orbita’s GateSuite or any other third party management software.

The system can be used to enforce security or to inspect containers’ inside walls.

This product integrates seamlessly with other Orbita’s GateSuite line of products such as GateCCR, GateLPR or GateIMDG, thus providing a single interface in Orbita’s GateOS Gate Operating System.