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Gate DMG 3D

Eliminates manual check for container damages

Orbita’s Automatic Damage Inspection system detects container damaged areas and reports the information to a Gate Operating System, such as GateOS. The system works unattended, and reports back to the gate clerk with information about the location and area of damages in real time, as a truck is passing through the GateCCR portal.

Total gate control


The system can be easily mounted on Orbita’s GateCCR portal. The hardware devices are rugged and industrial class 3D scanners that provide very detailed information about the container’s structure. The use of complex algorithms allows an accurate scene reproduction and real time visualization.
While the detection process is being performed, the system is also able to classify the container in terms of shape, (20ft, 40ft, 45ft, twin 20ft, flats…).
GateDMG 3D can be part of Orbita GateOS single interface, hence the system can communicate with other Orbita modules such as GateCCR to obtain real time images. This feature allows the user to be shown at the same time either the obtained inspection view or the container side images for an easy identification at a glance