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Gate CCR

OCR-based automation for fast and efficient gates

The Orbita GateCCR system enables users to automatically identify ISO containers as they are transported by truck through a controlled access point. The system also includes a truck license plate reader, capture of still images and videos for damage control and optional identification of hazardous goods label with the Orbita GateIMDG add-on module.

Total gate control


Thanks to the use of the latest technology in IP cameras, megapixel sensors and sophisticated processing by means of neural networks and other vision technologies, GateCCR delivers a high degree of accuracy and reliability in ISO code verification and damage imaging.

The OCR software is designed to integrate with TOS and other terminal control systems. ISO code readings, images and other data can be transmitted in real time from each gate access log through the most widely-used communications protocols, including SQL and WebServices. Orbita’s XML interface facilitates even greater integration.

Additional features

Offered as an option to complement GateCCR, the GateIMDG module identifies dangerous goods labels and placards mounted on the container. GateIMDG is able to detect and identify containers with multiple labels and provide the IMDG class and sub-class to which each label belongs. While dangerous goods signs are usually placed on the rear, GateIMDG can also detect labels on both sides of the container.