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Gate Suite

We deliver a complete system integrated to the terminal, that automates the tracking and traceability of containers and trucks at facilities access gates by using a modular range of products.

Gate CCR

Orbita Gate Container Code Recognition, GateCCR, enables users to automatically identify ISO containers as they are carried by truck into and out of a container facility.

Gate DMG 3D

Orbita’s automatic container Damage inspection system detects and reports possible damages on the visible sides of the container by using 3D laser scanning and artificial vision techniques.

Gate OS

The Orbita GateOS Gate Operating System is a sophisticated software layer that coordinates all GateSuite components.
GateOS can also integrate TOS events in the same screen as gate events, providing a single management interface.

Gate Kiosk

Orbita GateKiosk is an ergonomically designed, modular pedestal created to manage interactions between truck drivers and the GateOS access systems.

Gate LPR

The Orbita Gate LPR License Plate Recognition system enhances operational safety and security by providing a fast and highly reliable capture of trucks and other vehicles registration numbers.

Gate Traffic

Orbita’s lane traffic automation system is standardised, modular and adaptable. It integrates elements such as entry and exit barriers, traffic signals, information boards and sensors.

Gate ECI 3D

Orbita's Empty Container Inspection is able to automatically detect objects or double walls inside a container.

Gate Weighing

Cargo weight data integration in Gate Operating Systems.