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Crane TPS

Helps terminal trucks position below STS Cranes for faster operation

Crane Truck Positioning allows terminal trucks to reach the optimal position for a correct loading or unloading process under the spreader, for every lane and any entry direction. Informative displays help the driver stop in the correct spot, according to the container type that is being handled. The system additionally shows the distance and the direction to end the manoeuvre correctly.

Identification ship-to-shore crane operations.


While the STS Crane is working, any internal vehicle driving along a STS lane will be automatically positioned in relation to the next movement forecast. Based on a laser measurement system, the positioning process provides an accurate vehicle guiding, since the detection of the load dimensions positions the truck in the best place for the spreader to reduce movements and consequently, operational times.

The system is very compact, installation in the crane’s structure is easy and modular, and only one device is used covering all lanes below the crane. Maintenance is minimum or non-existent.

An intuitive and easy to use software application acquires and shows all the relevant information such as distance, container type, positioning time and direction, twistlock status or spreader position. A view of the display that is located under the STS Crane is shown at the same screen, as well as the lane that is currently working, for a complete remote vision of the process. Orbita’s Crane Truck Positioning software is suitable for any type of STS Crane.