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Crane TMS

Smooth traffic control under STS Cranes

A traffic light is installed at each one of the lanes below all the STS, in a way that they can be seen from both traffic directions.

Identification ship-to-shore crane operations.

The red/green display shows whether the vehicle is allowed to access the lane because the spreader is not working above that area. The two numeric displays show the number of cranes working at the same time in a specific lane.

An easy to use software application will be in charge of managing all the cranes’ displays and the communication to the terminal planning software, as well as the information regarding to the status of the displays, flow direction and installation alarms and events.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides graphical information regarding to the working lane for each crane.
  • Minimizes errors and time loses by correctly guiding the driver to the destination below the crane.
  • Increases safety below STS cranes by using visual information to warn drivers about containers moving over head.

Technical Characteristics

  • Works in both directions at every lane below the STS.
  • LED lighting and PoE power supply is used for reduced energy consumption.
  • Full integration with Orbita CraneTPS product for a complete positioning management in STS cranes.