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Crane CCR

Automatic container recognition 'on the fly' for STS cranes

Orbita CraneCCR automatically identifies container ISO codes during the process of vessel loading and unloading by ship-to-shore (STS) gantry cranes.

Identification ship-to-shore crane operations.


By replacing the manual chore of identifying containers at the quay with automated vision technology, CraneCCR helps terminal operators to increase speed, eliminate human errors and enhance the overall process performance of STS cranes. CraneCCR integrates with Orbita GateOS to provide 100% remote handling of exceptions and events, with full TOS integration for improved user control of the process.

Return on investment happens from the first day of operation: in improved container identification accuracy, real-time error detection and resolution, better container damage process control, and removal of checking personnel from the quay area.

Combining the latest pan, tilt and zoom camera technology with state-of-the-art control algorithms, CraneCCR captures container ID numbers, images and other key data ‘on the fly’ as boxes are handled, at speed, across multiple quay crane lanes. This innovative method of acquiring OCR data in motion allows users to automate container identification on the quayside with minimum infrastructure – as few as 4 cameras are required – and no impact on STS Crane cycle times.

With every container movement, CraneCCR stores and sends relevant information to the TOS, performing online manifest validation for container ISO codes. Images and videos associated with individual container movements can also be audited via Orbita Operations Viewer for damage inspection and statistical reports.

CraneCCR integrates seamlessly with the crane’s control system to record and store other key data such as container weight, container size, spreader position and twistlock position. With easy, graphical configuration using Orbita’s engineering software, the CraneCCR software is suitable for any type of STS Crane.