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Noatum Terminal Valencia

Noatum Terminal Valencia

Big Data acquisition from more than 160 Container Handling Equipment.
Port of Valencia, Spain

SEA TERMINALS is a European project with the aim to encourage a new culture in the current operative model of the port industry, by introducing eco-efficiency as key variable, in order to improve activities and processes linked to Port Container Terminals.


ORBITA collaborates with Noatum Terminal Valencia in one of the main phases of the project, which consists of the design, prototyping, and deployment of a smart, efficient and adaptative energy and operative management system.

Using the principles of Big Data, the first activity is to acquire data from all the machinery in the yard (STS, RTGs, ECH, RS and TTs), with signals like positioning, energy consumption, orientation, type of operation to be carried out, etc.

Those signals are stored in a local PLC and sent via Wi-Fi to a centralized database.
Experts in analytics from Noatum Terminal Valencia defined the KPI’s and worked on model analysis. The obtained results will identify operational bottlenecks, thus allowing the system to assign suitable working modes that will optimize cycle times and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.

Project Summary

  • Data extraction from 165 Yard Machines, including RTGs, STS, TT, RS and ECH
  • Connection via Profibus/ethernet/canbus/RS232 from different machinery brands
  • More than 60 digital and analogic signal types such as GPS, speed, boom position, torque, rising, alarms, etc.
  • 9.900 data per second


It is expected to save 10% of fuel costs and between 10 to 20% in operational costs, cancelling the time-outs and imbalances in the supply chain. In addition, a Dynamic Lighting Management system will be able to manage the illumination in real-time, saving up to 30% in energy consumption.

Big Data analytics is a powerful tool to reduce and optimize the operative costs and the ROI. This reason alone is enough to consider making investments to implement Big Data.



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