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MSC Valencia

MSC Valencia

Design and installation of a terminal energy management system
Port of Valencia, Spain

Handling more than 1.5 million TEU per year, including a significant volume of refrigerated containers, MSC Terminal Valencia (MSCTV) is a strategic hub for parent Mediterranean Shipping Company, one of the world’s largest ocean container shipping lines.

MSCTV’s eight super post-panamax ship-to-shore container cranes and 520 refrigerated container power points, plus supporting infrastructure and office buildings, depend on a reliable electricity supply and account for a significant percentage of its energy costs. The company wanted a tool that would allow it to actively monitor and manage the health of its electricity network and provide a better insight into the distribution of energy consumption across STS crane operations, reefer operations and other terminal activities.


Having worked for many years in providing energy management systems for diverse industrial facilities, including complex operations such as food processing plants, Orbita was able to adapt this experience to meet MSCTV’s needs. The solution proposed and implemented works by harnessing information directly from the power lines by means of decentralised controls using Siemens PLCs.

Data sourced from the power lines includes electricity consumption, power, intensity and voltage, plus distortion and other parameters that affect network quality. All of the information is transferred to Orbita’s energy management software, where MSCTV can display and analyse it using a variety of predetermined or user-configured reports and graphs. The software allows MSCTV to view the status of all its power lines in real time and includes automated alerts and diagnostic information on events and malfunctions.

As a result of the project, MSCTV now has a powerful tool for measuring its electricity consumption and maintaining the performance of its critical power line network.

Project Summary

  • Design and installation of real time energy management system
  • Information collected from power lines via decentralised controls using Siemens PLCs
  • Captures data on electricity consumption levels, power, intensity, voltage, distortion and other key operating parameters
  • Graphical software for processing, storage and reporting of information
  • Predetermined and user-configurable reports for analysing electricity network performance, energy consumption levels and distribution
  • Automated alerts on events and malfunctions
  • Reports, alarms and events available via SMS and email



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