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Grimaldi Terminal Barcelona

Grimaldi Terminal Barcelona

Automation of 5-lane container terminal entry and exit gate.
Port of Barcelona, Spain

A new Grimaldi Lines Terminal in Barcelona has been launched with the purpose of connecting key points at the Mediterranean Sea. Ferries and Roll-on Roll-off vessels cover routes between Italy, Greece and North Africa, passing by Barcelona as a strategic port of call.

The complexity of the project is based on the wide range of vehicles that access this kind of Ro-Ro terminals. Thus, a License Plate Recognition reliable system is required to identify semi-trailers, car transporter vehicles, container trucks, etc. This system should read not only the front tractor unit license plate but also the one at the rear part of the trailer.

In addition, various license plate patterns come from several countries. This aspect involves an added difficulty to the computer vision methodology.

Orbita challenge was to accomplish all the requirements specified above. Our expertise in gate automation and computer vision made it possible, by means of a detailed solution development that has reached the expectations.


The operative complexity, incidence management and multiple countries recognition was solved by using a bespoke solution built with GateSuite® modules.

GateLPR system is put in charge of recognizing license plates from multiple countries such as Turkey, Deutschland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria or Romania. Additional modules as Gate Operating System (GateOS) for TOS communication, GateKiosk pedestal for driver interaction and identification and GateTraffic for complete traffic control are used in order to complete the whole automation process at the lanes. Operations Viewer system is also used for further control access data analysis and statistics.

Gate Operating System manages and stores information from the truck admission and exit process and shares it with the TOS. It centralizes multi-lane gate events and incidences with a minimum operator presence required. In the other hand, GateKiosk pedestal allocates an easy-to-use touch screen that displays messages to the driver in relation to regulations, processing or incidences; a barcode reader which allows the system to identify the driver and finally a voice intercom in order to handle incidences in conversation with the gate operator and a printer to show the truck itinerary.


The Orbita solution is already working uninterruptedly at Grimaldi Terminal Barcelona. The gate automation has been successfully achieved and the personnel have been trained by Orbita team in order to develop their job in the most efficient way.

Operations Viewer module allows in this point to identify relevant data. For instance, date and time of truck arrivals or departures, reliability and statistical data diagrams. In this way, the obtained results, images and video can be monitored.

Project Summary

  • Turn-key project design for 3 entry and 2 exit lanes.
  • GateLPR module for multiple countries license plate identification.
  • GateKiosk equipped with driver interaction devices such as RFID reader, voice intercom and printer.
  • Completely automated traffic management by using GateTraffic module.
  • Full integration with TOS via Gate Operating System.
  • Operations Viewer module to register images, videos and control data statistics.

Project Results Summary

  • Traceability and control improvement of a wide range of vehicles and trailers.
  • Faster operation.
  • Reduced port congestion.
  • Reduced queuing times.



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