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DCT Gdansk

DCT Gdansk

Implementation of a Vehicle Booking System at DCT Gdansk.
Gdansk, Poland

Deepwater Container Terminal Gdansk is located in the area of Port Północny (Northern Port) in Gdańsk, Poland. Officially launched on 1 October 2007 DCT Gdansk is Poland’s largest and fastest growing container facility, and the only deep-water terminal in the Baltic Sea Region having direct ocean vessel calls from the Far East and a natural gateway for all CEE containerized trade volumes. Currently the handling capacity of the container terminal is 3,000,000 TEU operating in two deep-water quays having easy nautical accessibility and year-round ice-free access combined with operational excellence.

DCT has decided to develop current traffic management around the terminal when it comes to their clients’ vehicle operations, in order to manage the traffic flow in an efficient way and avoid waiting times.

Environmental benefits such as traffic and pollution reduction, as well as a smooth flow of future waiting lines, were the turning points to make a decision.

The success of this project is remarkable from both logistical and financial perspectives by reducing the amount of trucks staying at the same time outside of the port.


Orbita’s VBS provides the fastest, more efficient and consistent real time solution for DCT by controlling the trucks’ arrival to the terminal to avoid congestion during peak periods. It allows flexibility, as required by DCT to optimize their service to customers, and provides a very cost-effective way to plan and organize the movement of container cargo from end to end.

Orbita’s Vehicle Booking System works by designating specific time slots for the pick-up and drop-off of containers at the terminal. The slots are strategically distributed throughout the day. Therefore, the frequency of transactions and the flow of trucks in and out the port or terminal facilities can be effectively managed.

Independent drivers or trucking companies will have the ability to coordinate container pick-up and drop-off within the same appointment window, maximizing trucking efficiency by balancing inbound and outbound loads.

Project Summary

  • Vehicle booking system for pre-gate operations.
  • Navis N4 integration.
  • Reduction of delay times for truck operators, allowing more trips per day.

Project results summary

Orbita VBS has a successful effect for the external trade development not only in Poland but also in the whole region of Central Eastern Europe and contributes to DCT to become a reference in the Baltic sea in pre-gate operations.


  • DCT expects to reduce up to 45% the waiting time of pre-gate stage. More pleased clients.
  • Reduced complaints of people around the port.
  • Road congestion reduced in a 45% in the port, which means benefit for local communities and the environment.



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