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Boluda Terminal Marítima de Tenerife

Boluda Terminal Marítima de Tenerife

Automation of 4-lane container terminal entry, exit and weighing gate.
Boluda Terminal Marítima de Tenerife, Spain

Boluda Terminal Maritima Tenerife is located in the Canary Islands, an strategic point for cargo traffic between Europe and several South American and South African countries.

With a capacity of 379.000 TEUS, the terminal is prepared to a rise in cargo transport, being the Canary archipelago a growing logistic platform in the Atlantic Ocean. In this way, the access automation project carried out by Orbita Ports & Terminals involves an efficiency improvement of processes in the terminal. The scope of the turn-key project includes the design, supply and installation of all the hardware and software, as well as the necessary professional services to complete the automation system for 2 IN and 1 OUT lanes, as well a weighing lane inside the terminal. Orbita Ports & Terminals is also in charge of civil works and the supply and integration of a weighing scale, as well as the integration within the Terminal Operating System, in this project.


The Orbita’s solution consists of several GateSuite modules, the range of automation products based on the highest engineering standards in the market.

Every entry and exit lanes are equipped with license plate recognition systems for truck and trailer, GateLPR, due to the high densi- ty of Ro-Ro cargo. A pedestal per lane, GateKiosk, includes word orders in the system as well as ticket printer in the entry and exit, together with an intercom that allows communication between the gate clerk and the truck driver in case of any exception.

Moreover, a GateCCR portal in an entry and an exit lane inspect the container codes and the GateIMDG module to detect the dan- gerous goods labels.

All the access lane is controlled with the GateTraffic module, that manages automatic barrier movements, traffic lights and displays ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.
Images and videos are captured in real time for a further manual damage analysis and the clerk is provided with a simple and easy to use interface, GateOS, to manage access and possible exceptions in a global glance.

The Gate Operating System sends to the TOS the weighing data. All the information stored by the system is registered for future checks in the Operations Viewer tool, a web application to search access information (images, entry/exit dates, exceptions, etc.) as well as statistics regarding terminal’s KPIs.

Project Summary

Turnkey project for 2 entry lanes, 1 exit lane and 1 weighing lane.
GateLPR module to identify truck and trailer license plates
GateCCR to obtain container codes and GateIMDG to acquire dangerous goods labels in one of the entry lanes.
Work order registration, ticket printing and exception handling at GateKiosk pedestal.
Automatic traffic control for a smooth flow of vehicles by using GateTraffic module.
Coordination and civil works execution according to Orbita’s engineering specifications.
Supply, installation and integration of a weighing scale in the Gate Operating System.
Complete integration of the Gate Operating System with the TOS.
Access control analysis and statistics via web with Orbita’s Operations Viewer.


The Orbita’s solution has achieved an automated an uninterrupted flow in the access to Boluda Terminal Maritima Tenerife, increasing the performance of the processes with a totally integrated solution in which both civil works and weighing data have been included. The obtained information is available via web for different personnel profiles within the terminal, including maintenance, IT or operations.



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