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APM Terminals Quetzal

APM Terminals Quetzal

Automation of 5-lane container terminal entry, exit, shuttle and weighing gate.
Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Located in the Guatemala Pacific coast, the Quetzal Container Terminal, which belongs to APM Terminals, intends to improve the competitiveness, efficiency and operational capacity of Puerto Quetzal, a key point in the west coast of Central America and South America and in Asian connection, that moves 340.000 TEUs.

As a reference in technological innovation, Orbita Ports & Terminals contributes to the creation of an advanced terminal with a project that includes the automation of 2 entry and 2 exit lanes, as well as a weighing lane and a shuttle lane that enables cargo movements between TCQ and the terminal located next to it. The access automation system includes also integration with TOS, the Terminal Operating System.


The turn-key solution developed by Orbita Ports&Terminals in 2 entry and 2 exit lanes in TCQ involves capturing data as vehicle’s license plate, container codes and images and videos in real time for a further damage inspection. Additionally, weighing scales data is integrated in the Gate Operating System.

In every lane it is included a pedestal, GateKiosk, for ticket printing, a touch screen and an itercom for handling exceptions and a reader for work order introduction in the entry lanes.

In this way, together with the terminal operating system (TOS), a compact solution allows to have a complete traceability of move- ments in the access.

The Operations Viewer tool helps to compile all the information and show data in relation to exceptions, images, entry or exit dates, etc. as well as statistics or graphics with interesting data for operations or terminal maintenance.

The complete solution integrates several GateSuite modules, developed by Orbita engineers for process optimization in automated gates. The automatic traffic control, GateTraffic, together with GateLPR for license plate recognition, GateCCR for container code readings, GateKiosk and GateOS as gate operating system and clerk interface, put together a compact solution, trustworthy and effective that allows an inmediate increase of the operational perfomance of the terminal.

Project Summary

• Turnkey project for 2 entry lanes, 1 exit lane, 1 weighing lane and 1 shuttle lane.

• Truck license plate identification by using GateLPR module.

• GateKiosk including work order registration, ticket printing and exception management in the pedestal.

• Traffic integrated automation by using GateTraffic.

• Container Code Identification, GateCCR, and dangerous goods labels reading in both entry lanes, GateIMDG.

• Weighing scale integration in a lane.

• Access control analysis and statistics via web with Orbita’s Operations Viewer.

• Complete integration of the gate operating system with the Terminal Operating System (TOS).


• Technology introduction for process automation in the terminal involves a reduction in waiting times and reduces access queues.

• Complete storage of data for an improvement in traceability.

 A more efficient operation.



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