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APM Terminals Barcelona

APM Terminals Barcelona

Automation of 10 lane container terminal entry and exit gate.
Port of Barcelona, Spain

TCB container terminal is one of the main logistic platforms in the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the Port of Barcelona, the terminal capacity is more than 1.3 million TEU
and it focuses on intermodal container traffic throughout South Europe.

As a necessary improvement in order to enhance the gates performance, as well as reduce errors and consequently ensure a high reliability, TCB decided to implement
gates automation technology.

By increasing the vehicle flow at the 6 entry and 4 exit lanes, they would achieve accurate time rates and operative efficiency.

The turn-key project that Orbita planned for TCB included engineering, software development, installation, testing and commissioning of a gate automation solution for
CCR recognition of containers and vehicles accessing the terminal. Moreover, the required integration with the Terminal Operating System (TOS) would be completely defined.

Tracking and traceability of vehicles and containers was obtained by means of Orbita Gate Operating System, which enhances continuously to provide the best results to
the bespoke solution designed for achieving client specifications.


The final solution for APM Terminals involves the use of GateSuite products such as GateCCR for container code recognition, GateLPR for license plate read and GateIMDG for dangerous placards identification. Additional systems like GateTraffic and GateKiosk allow a fully controlled access, completely integrated with the TOS.

Subsequent data analysis is processed by Operations Viewer web application tool, which shows a later view of the real time images and videos that are displayed by the gate operating system, GateOS, while vehicles pass through OCR portals. In addition, statistics and control data such as accessing times, reliability and other tailor-made fields are also shown at Operations Viewer.

In order to interact with the driver when passing by the GateKiosk pedestal, a touch screen is installed. Moreover a printed ticket points out the driver the terminal area where he should proceed, and an intercom allows him to communicate with the gate operator in case any incidence occurs. Finally, the driver identification method is combined in this case, using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Barcode QR cards that the driver swipes for obtaining the access permission to the terminal area.

Project Summary

  • Gate Automation access system designed for 6 entry and 4 exit lanes.
  • GateCCR container code identification module including GateLPR for license plate recognition, and GateIMDG for dangerous placards detection.
  • GateTraffic module for completely automatic traffic control.
  • GateKiosk pedestal for driver interaction and identification with a touch screen, voice intercom, printer, barcode reader and RFID reader.
  • TOS integration via GateOS operating system.
  • Operations Viewer web application, which displays access images and videos joined with performance statistics and data control.


APM Terminals Barcelona current gates were opened in December 2013. At present, they work in production autonomously and in an easy-to-maintain efficient operation.

Project Results Summary

  • Efficient performance in Gates
  • Accelerated Return of Investment
  • Satisfied clients



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