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Orbita is now Navis ready validated

Gate Operating System successfully validated with Navis N4 release 2.6

Gate Operating System successfully validated with Navis N4 release 2.6
Orbita has successfully completed the validation of its Gate Operating System (GateOS) with Navis N4 2.6 after a three month collaborative effort. Francisco Grau, Ports & Terminals Director at Orbita said, “The purpose of this work has been to provide Orbita’s Engineers with the knowledge of the gate processes and methods of N4 and to develop standardized and tested, interfaces between our two platforms. Orbita wants to be up to date and ready for any integration projects with the market leader in TOS systems.”
Successfully achieving the Navis Ready validation confirms that Orbita’s Gate Systems have been tested against the most recent release of Navis N4, 2.6 and that they are compatible with some of the most common scenarios in gate operations. Clients that are already working with a Navis Terminal Operating System (TOS), or those that are currently in a migration process, can now be certain that the majority of the integration work between the TOS and Orbita’s Gate Systems has already been completed.
Navis N4 2.6 release has been tested with the current versions of Orbita’s GateSuite solutions which includes the Gate Operating System (GateOS), GateKiosk, GateClerk and YardKiosk. Different use cases have been tested, such as gate access control, license plate and container OCR, trouble resolution in the Gate System and in N4.. The test run results show a complete success as all test cases have passed. The official report will be issued by Navis in the few days and will be made available on the Navis and Orbita web sites.
The process which started last December was completed three months later at Orbita Headquarters in Valencia. IT Engineers from Orbita worked with a senior Navis Engineer to develop standard solutions programmed in advance for later integration. Sanket Sheth, Navis Director of Global Technical Services said ”Navis is very pleased with Orbita’s approach, to complete typical integration tasks in advance of an implementation at a customer site. Customers can be confident that choosing Orbita will reduce the risks as they can see the level of integration achieved along with the supported business process flows in advance.”