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Apply intelligence to the automation of your Terminal

Focus on your process

Understanding why and how do we automate is only the first step. Then, it is relevant to define the terminal current process. Which specific areas of automation will add more value to that process: Gates, STS cranes, yard equipment?  And to which extent automation should be implemented?

We apply intelligence because we focus only on the client’s needs and only at a specific level of automation. After that, modularity and scalability make our projects grow with the terminal in further stages, at the required speed of change.


Forget about buzzwords and join an expert team

As Francisco Grau, Managing Director of Orbita Ports & Terminals, advices to terminal operators in the interview for Port Technology International, “Regardless of any trends or buzzwords, every terminal needs to look at their processes, see how they can improve them and decide which level of automation is needed. Overautomate as well as remaining manual is not an option.”


Improving Terminal Processes. Orbita Ports&Terminals

He remarks what we are experts in: the creation of new processes together with the client, as a team.

It is clear that technology has no purpose by itself.  It needs to be linked to a strong process flow and definition behind to become a success. A good plan will ensure a good implementation.

What’s next?

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Tell us which is your project and we will guide you through the next steps.