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The Terminal Automation Company


Orbita Ingenieria is a Company specialized in designing engineering solutions and automation systems for the most demanding industry sectors. The Company has three business divisions covering discreet and continuous processes in manufacturing industries of sectors such as Food and Beverage, Automotive, Pharma and of course Port and Terminals.
Orbita Ports&Terminals is the name of the division of the Company that holds the specific know-how regarding the Maritime Terminal sector, providing automation services and engineering aimed to enhance the processes of our clients.

Since its establishment in 2006 Orbita has been working in the ports and terminals sector, providing technical know-how and expertise to its customers and partnering with them.

Orbita Ports&Terminals is a trusted reference when it comes to designing and commissioning automation engineering solutions for its customers.

Our portfolio of standard solutions offers a whole range of resources for automating processes at the gates, at the quay and the yard of a Terminal.

Orbita’s modular range of products helps clients gain new business efficiencies by automating the tracking and traceability of containers and trucks at key points of the Terminal being Gates, STS cranes or CHE equipment in the yard. By dramatically improving gate and crane performance and a rapid return on investment.

Orbita’s engineering solutions are on the edge of the automation industry and range from artificial vision technology to laser scan, 3D imaging and the intensive use of PLC programming and control techniques.

We are willing to transmit our values as a flexible design, service oriented company in which clients come first, process matters and then the product adapts.

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