Highlights of Hamburg

In the following video, Port Technology International Editor Richard Joy speaks to Francisco Grau Cavanillas of Orbita as well as other key figures regarding the latest trends in the port and terminal industry.

Highlights of TOC Europe

In a breaking video, Richard Joy, Editor of Port Technology International introduces some of the best highlights from TOC Europe 2015, featuring some of the biggest names in the port industry.

Included in the video clip are names from Konecranes, Terex, Transnet, Orbita Ingenieria, SICK, and simulation specialists TBA, who all give their unique insight into this year’s TOC Europe event.

At the conclusion of this event, anticipation is running high for next year’s TOC Europe in Hamburg.

Automation is the Now and the future

An interview with design solution and consultation specialists Orbita at TOC Europe 2015 in Rotterdam. Featured is MD Francisco Grau Cavanillas and Business Development Engineer Laura Rodriguez Romo.


The Orbita GateOS Gate Operating System is a sophisticated software layer that coordinates all GateSuite components. The system captures all relevant GateCCR, GateKiosk and GateTraffic information and displays it in real-time via a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface. GateOS can also integrate TOS events in the same screen as gate events, providing a single management interface to facilitate operations, training, and IT infrastructure and incident resolution. Additionally, GateDMG 3D and GateECI 3D can be part of GateOS interface. With GateOS, users gain complete command and control over their facility access points.